About the Author Olivia

Love to travel… Have traveled since I was knee high to a grasshopper.  Let’s see I have been to most of the Caribbean islands, Mexico, Cuba, Belize, Honduras, Hawaii, South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand.  You get the idea, and I’m not finished yet.

So was it any surprise that I ended up working in a travel clinic in the downtown area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, specializing in travel immunization as a clinical nurse. The things you would see and hear about with regards to travel illnesses and fatalities was enough to make me realize the importance of educating travelers on the risks of their destinations.

This was not meant to scare or come across as the “Grim Reaper” of travel.  But more a way of letting people know the solutions to protect themselves and prepare for their trips.

Continuing my personal exploration of change and adventure, I embarked on a new career path as an Insurance Advisor, starting out helping families with their estate plans.  Working and educating people was something I really enjoyed doing and gained profound fulfillment out of empowering individuals with the correct tools and resources.