Millennials and Travel Today

When I think of the Millennials, I vividly remember this commercial.  There is this new graduate who takes off his gown and has a Hawaiian shirt underneath, looks at his parents and says
“I’ve seen you struggle all these years, so I’ve decided to go straight to retirement.”  Always made me laugh. There  is an element of realism to this path.  Of course society would not be able to survive or progress if we all felt this way.  But is food for thought!

Life is not linear and so who is to say that there is only one way to live life. That there is a specific lifestyle formula, carved in stone.  Well it isn’t, that is reality.  So when we think that the Millennials have it wrong, maybe not necessarily.  Some of them are just doing things a little bit differently.

They definitely enjoy travelling but then that is no different from their parents or better known as the baby boomers.  Some have chosen to take the traditional route, the tried and steadfast path, to asset acquisition, but others are saying there is time for that later.  ‘Here in my youth, while I’m strong, healthy and free from responsibilities, I would rather take this time to explore.’

This generation are more into experiencing the world, instead of reading about it.  They want to discover cultures, traditions and celebrations of the various countries and communities.  Many of them are also choosing this as an opportunity to give back to less fortunate communities, through education, relief programs or through helping them to build schools, churches, hospitals, community centres.  They have set their agendas for a totally different experience.

The thing about this generation, is that they are inadvertently, showing other generations all of the other possibilities to choose when travelling.  No longer is the All-inclusive package, sitting around the pool deck as popular as it was before.  This goes for the young, the old and those in-between.  You now have the Baby-boomers changing their bucket list, to include more adventurous activities.  In some cases they have upped the game, and are signing up for the Extreme Sports.  Taking up scuba diving, para sailing, heli-skiing, zip lining and well the list goes on and on.  Incorporating social media into travel is now the way to go.  This goes for making plans before departure, during the trip and well of course post trip.  The way we travel is changing and many of us are adapting to this new era very rapidly, just to keep up.

For those  millennials, who have opted to take on the traditional lifestyle responsibilities of house, family, career and mortgages.  They are looking for other opportunities to travel within their jobs. So instead of just travelling for a meeting in another country, they are using this opportunity to explore their surroundings either before or after the meeting is over.  There is a new word that derives from this type of travel – “Bleisure.”  And why not!  This generation has embraced the concept of living a balanced life, within their work, family, fitness as well as their travel experiences.

Pay close attention to this generation, they are changing the rules of the game, and some of those changes are for the better.

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