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Family FunIt’s that time of year – So know the benefits of getting a family travel insurance plan. The kids are out of school, the weather’s cooperating, and the time’s right for a family vacation. According to a study by Choice Hotels Canada, 89% of Canadians plan to travel within the country in the next two years, and those households with kids are even more likely to take a trip with 92% planning to travel within Canada in the next year. The study found that travelers not only like to take their kids with them on holidays, 88% of them say their children help determine where their families will vacation.

No matter where your traveling, a family travel insurance plan is the most economical way for families to cover their travel insurance needs.

What does ‘family’ mean?

In today’s current travel landscape, multi-generational travel is continuing to grow year after year. But there may be limitations when you buy “family travel insurance.”

For annual family plans, family members don’t have to be travelling together to qualify for a family plan. They also don’t need to leave their home province at the same time. We simply require all family members return to their home province before their policy expires.

According to the TuGo policy, a family means: Individuals 59 and under with dependent children, grandchildren, and/or a spouse.

If you fit within one of the following groups, you are eligible for the TuGo family plan:

  • Family members travelling together (single trip plan) or separately (annual plan)
  • Dependent children or grandchildren, including students 21 years of age attending school full time (refer to policy for more details)
  • Siblings travelling without parents, as long as they meet the definition of family
  • Grandparents taking grandchildren on vacation
  • Parents travelling with 21-year-old daughter/son all living in the same household
  • Foster children

What benefits should you point out to customers with families?

  • Lower rates -Travelling in a group of 2 or more, our family insurance plan is the most economical option.
  • Single and annual coverage options – Choose the trip length that works best for your needs and take as many trips as you like all year.
  • Comprehensive coverage – From hospital costs to ambulance fees, emergency dental care to essential medical supplies like crutches, our comprehensive emergency hospital and medical insurance covers it all.
  • 24/7 emergency assistance – Toll-free assistance 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year, anywhere in the world.
  • Customizable protection plan – You can choose the right plan or package to suit your needs, including options for Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption, Baggage, Rental Car Protection and more.

Is a family travel insurance plan still not the right fit? Not to worry; the great thing about Your Travel Insurance product is its flexibility! Grandparents can get the right coverage for their needs, just as much as parents and their kids!

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