Travel Advisory – Make Your Plan

The recent attack in Berlin Germany, killing 12 Christmas shoppers and wounding 48 others, would leave any citizen or visitor with a sick, and uneasy feeling. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for randomly mowing down just anyone, who happens to be at that precise location, on that particular day at that specific time.  So when these random acts, don’t make sense, how does one, go about predicting when or where, these unconscionable acts of terror, will occur?

ISIS, a known terrorist group, has long proclaimed that they plan to target frequently visited tourist destinations.  So far to date, most of the attacks have predominately happened in Western Europe. There was the bombing in Paris, the attack on Brussels, Istanbul, Nice and of course recently in Germany.  There doesn’t seem to be any city or country that is immune to their terror plans.  Their main target is wherever Westerners enjoy traveling to.

When you have a group of individuals, whoever they may be, deliver a broad statement like this, then it begs the question, “just where are you safe?” Who do you turn to for answers and for protection?  What is that you can do to protect yourselves, and your love ones?  The best answer of course is “Never let any terrorist Win.”  Maybe easier said than done, but the reality is, you have no choice.  Since the one clear and obvious conclusion is – Nowhere is Safe.

Ideally none of us want to live in a world of revenge and terror, but realistically we have to take control of our own lives and go on with our day to day activities.  We cannot and will not live in fear.  So we control the things that we can and let go of the things we have no control over.  The best thing that we can do to reduce our risks when making the decision to travel, is by putting in place some fundamental and key travel plans.

Check with the travel advisory website

Leave your travel itinerary with someone back home

  • Your flight plans, the hotel you will be staying at, excursions you will be taking. This information could prove to be vital, if ever there was a situation that this information could locate you for evacuation.

Photocopy and take pictures for your phone, of your identification documents.

  • If lost or stolen, at least you can use these facsimiles as proof of citizenship.

Purchase Trip Cancellation/Interruption insurance.

  • Note, that having to cancel due to a travel advisory is a reimbursable benefit. Having to be evacuated because there is a terrorist alert, at your location, is also another benefit that you will be reimbursed for.  You have no control over these acts of violence and since there is no known location for these random attacks, then you have to appreciate the added value of purchasing this “peace of mind.”

Traveling is such an integral part of our culture, and  the thought that we would be afraid and consider abandoning this passion is frightening. It is very sad to turn on the news and hear about these devastating attacks, and seeing the grief that these families and communities have to go through. And it is very natural for us to be afraid for ourselves, and hope that we never have to experience such devastation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to each and every one of the victims and their families..


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