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Policlinica Nuestra Sra Del Rosario, IbizaA few months ago I experienced the true gift of having an Emergency Travel Insurance Plan.

I travel a lot! And on my trip-to-do list, was a desire to learn Spanish.  Three months in Spain seemed like the perfect answer. So I rented an apartment, enrolled in a local language school, embraced the culture, the people, their food, art, history and lifestyle of Spain.

One month into my trip I was invited to spend a week in Ibiza, Spain with a group of new friends, which was a fantastic opportunity.  But one day into my excursion, I became very ill and needed to seek medical attention.

The first call I made was to the insurance company.

  • This is very important – if you are physically capable of making that call or you have someone with you who can, you MUST call first. Otherwise you could be responsible for a portion of the claim – as much as 30%.

Next I was seen by the hotel physician and on my way to the nearest hospital; 40 minutes away, via ambulance.  The physician visit cost – $215 CDN* and the ambulance ride was $365, which was double what I had paid for my travel insurance plan.

After a CT scan, blood work and full physical assessment, it was soon determined that I needed to be admitted for surgery.  The CT scan and bloodwork was charged to me until the hospital was able to contact the Insurance Company, $575 for the CT scan, and $225 for the blood tests.

I kept the receipts, to submit to the Insurance Company.

I remained in hospital for 2 weeks and the total cost for this medical emergency, and return trip back to Canada, was just over $32,000.

Another valuable benefit to Emergency Travel Insurance is to have a companion join you, if medically necessary or you are traveling alone.  My husband was covered for flight, meals and accommodation to be at my bedside.  Total cost reimbursed – $8000.

Overall, the price for having that “Peace of Mind” when traveling cannot be tallied and I cannot imagine the added stress of having to be concerned with finances as well.

* All figures are quoted in CDN*

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