What is a Snowbird?

Seniors sky divingYour first thought may not be the Canadian Airforce Squadron that perform military aerobatics, at National Airshows.  Or humming along to the melodious Snowbird song by Anne Murray.

No, you probably have visions of the traveler who leaves the northern region of, say Canada and heads to the southern states, seeking the sun, warmth, beach, golf, relaxation and year round green. Unless you’re in the southern hemisphere, which in that case you would head to the north for sun, which just sounds foreign.

Let’s reflect on what this traditional snowbird would look like today.  They generally have retired, and therefore usually over 65 years of age.  Because our medical technology and science is so far advanced today, life expectancy has increased significantly over the last 15 years.  People are taking better care of themselves, improving their dietary choices, and incorporating physical fitness into their daily lifestyle.  Therefore these individuals are generally healthier, and very energized.  In some cases they have created some very exotic and adventurous bucket lists.  However, some may have a few minor ailments that they require treatment for, which doesn’t necessarily slow them down or prevent them from pursuing their dreams.

Therefore, statistically speaking, these individuals fall into the category whereby they are traveling with a “Pre-existing Medical condition.”  Nothing wrong with that nowadays, since insurance companies are making necessary adjustments in their underwriting criteria to accommodate this population and their unique travel insurance needs.  Coverage can be very extensive and inclusive, for instance:

  • $5,000,000 in Emergency Health coverage
  • Simplified medical questionnaires
  • Coverage for extreme sports and activities
  • Emergency dental/drug coverage
  • Return of vehicle home or to the nearest rental location
  • Bounce back coverage *
  • Ambulance services
  • Doctor’s services

Whether the condition is minor or major, coverage for seniors today has improved dramatically. Each insurance company offers something unique and different. They even have select companies that will cover individuals who require oxygen. There usually is a plan out there to cover specific ailments. The key is to work closely with a travel insurance specialist. Someone who can sort out the coverage details for you or your loved one, so traveling does not have to stressful.

What is a snowbird… “Someone who has worked hard throughout the years, and wants to take sometime to relax, enjoy and explore the wonders that maybe they never had time to do all those years before.  – “The snowbird sings the song, he always sings.”

*Bounce back coverage is for individuals who are away and have to return home for an emergency.  Could be their home or health/death family situation. Once the crisis has been dealt with they can return back to their destination.  The insurance company will cover the cost of this return trip.



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