No Light At The End of This Road


The Lights Festival an event that is becoming very popular all over the world.  A spectacular event with thousands of lanterns being released into the night sky with your very own personal message written on it.  The vision is breath taking, the moment is momentous and very spiritual for some.

However… And here is the reality.  You may never make it to this awesome event, because…

First they hook you with, time sensitive, buy your ticket with a $5 discount, because this will NOT be repeated.  So you buy your ticket(s), because you are excited about attending this extraordinary event.  You get your confirmation and an email congratulating you on being one of the ones who will get to attend this spectacular event.

Over the next month you will receive many more advertisements, to buy your tickets at the discounted price of $5 for a time sensitive promotion.

Then close to the event they send you an email that states they have thousands of people in attendance, so in order for you to get in to the event you must show up at a time stated on your ticket.  They had to stagger the arrival times due to the amount of people who will be in attendance.  They also encourage you to carpool, to minimize the vehicles that will be arriving at the entrance.

So you adhere to all their rules, guidelines and suggestions, but when you attempt to gain access to the address, you will find that all arteries to this location are blocked.

They have OVERSOLD their tickets and cannot accommodate all of the ticket holders.

This is exactly what happened to myself and my 5 guests on Saturday September 30th, at The Lights Festival, Toronto/Niagara Falls, we could not get in to the event, along with hundreds of other cars that were attempting to make our way along the single lane road, coming from the north, east and west.

So I contacted them the following day and informed them that I would like a REFUND.  They wrote back and said THEY DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS, and offered me a discount on any future events.  I wrote them back again to explain that this was unfair, because it is evident that they oversold on the tickets and knew the venue could not accommodate all these attendees.  They wrote back and said they would transfer my tickets to any other event for the full price.  This is not an option since all other events are not in my country.

DO NOT attend any of their events, not only will you be disappointed, you will be RIPPED OFF.


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