Going To The Bathroom on Vacation

toilet-rulesWe take it for granted the lavatory luxuries that we are accustomed to at home. Even when we are out at public venues we are used to the required and necessary sanitary articles being available. However when we are traveling, we shouldn’t take for granted that these amenities will necessarily be available. This couldn’t be more evident than when you travel outside of North America.

Recently I traveled to the Far East and visited many of their villages, temples, markets and homes. Getting the opportunity to see their beautiful country and experience the culture, foods and rituals with these beautiful people was a memorable experience.

What I didn’t expect was the set up of some of their local bathrooms. The ritual required, was something I was not accustomed to. I believe as a woman the situation presented more of challenge, than what most males would have to experience. The toilet design are flush with the floor and you are required to squat. Do not expect toilet paper in the stalls, the practice here is to use a hose to clean up. Wear closed toe shoes, because usually the floors are wet with puddles where the water has been sprayed. Also finding hand soap is a luxury, as well as paper towels to dry your hands. Some of the venues you will be expected to pay to use the facilities, whereby you will be presented with 3 squares of toilet paper. If you require more, you will need to purchase from the chamber person. This toilet situation is not exclusive to the Far East, you will also find similar set ups in parts of Europe, India and other parts of the world.

My advice to you, is to travel with your own toilet paper, a wet soapy face cloth, couldn’t hurt, and also, don’t forget your hand sanitizer. With these items you should be armed to face any sanitary encounters. Wishing you all a clean and safe international expedition.

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